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fuck you

No, wordpress I do not want to say hello to the world. In fact, let us just start off with a nice little ‘fuck you’ while we are trying to get things off on the correct foot.

This is my random blog of rambling about me, encounters, thoughts, premonitions, and musings of a general type.

I am

  • egotistic
  • self diagnosed Münchausen syndrome
  • social smoker
  • closet alcoholic
  • Grad student at some prestigious state university (no doubt)
  • in a (fucking) long term relationship
  • artist
  • writer
  • musician
  • photographer
  • gossip
  • social maneuver expert

and a shit load of other things…

While this might all sound pretentious and ill-seeking, I hope that even one person finds my musings generally hopeful. So far I have tricked the masses into thinking I am completely ‘normal’ and someday you will too.


ps: i meant it, fuck you


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